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Welcome to The WoodWorks


Handmade Clocks

Original handcrafted wooden clocks in unique designs to fit your primitive or country decor.  Desk clocks, Mantel and Shelf Clocks, clocks with nightlights, and unique Wall Clocks...all handmade in the old milk barn shop seen above.
Mantel Clock
Handmade Lamps

Original handcrafted wooden lamps in a number of unique designs and sizes.

Lamp/Nightlight Combination Lamps with cutouts in the front of the lamps that glow from a nightlight bulb in the back and create a great look.

For a plain and simple look, our Box Lamps in two different sizes with 10 colors to choose from.
Star Lamp               
Handmade Antique Reproductions

Original handcrafted Antique Reproductions and new designs with a vintage flair.
Footed Lantern               
Handmade Wooden Lanterns

Original handcrafted wooden lanterns in a variety of unique designs from shelf sitters to wall sconces with wooden electric candles inside...a great country look.
Wood Lantern                    
Early Homestead Primitives Hand Poured Primitive Jar Candles

Early Homestead Primitives complete line of Primitive Jar Candles with over 50 scents to choose from to create a wonderful mood in your home.  Click HERE to visit their home site.
Zucchini Bread Candle            
Early Homestead Primitives Hand Poured Scented Tarts and Sprays

Early Homestead Primitives complete line of Scented Wax Tarts and Room Sprays in all the same scents as their jar candles.  Click HERE to visit their home site.
Tarts and Sprays